Creating Educational Equity in the Classroom and School

Learn how bias is impacting your school and classroom. Then, learn how to create an equitable environment. Typically, the first interactive workshop lays the groundwork. In the next set of workshops, teachers will be asked to bring some of your lesson plans or syllabus, classroom rules and textbooks, while administrators and staff bring policies, procedures, and other issues with them.  All groups learn strategies to make their environment equitable and ways to handle potential opposition are discussed. This is designed for K-12 and university level institutions. Often done during ProD days, workshops are 3 hours long and can be done in 90-minute blocks over time (e.g., part 1 in the fall and part 2 in the spring).


Consulting and Coaching

Consulting & Coaching

We engage in consulting and coaching around issues of equity. Whether it is gender, ability status, ethnic, or sexual diversity, we can help your business, organization, or school. Consulting is a better and more cost efficient option than a workshop if you are new to the process. When you meet with Dr. Gunderson, she can determine what your organizations goals are and/or what issues really need your focus. Further, she does not believe in Flea Dipping – that is, you give a workshop once and then believe that your training is complete. She will honestly evaluate if your organization is ready to begin a true sustainable commitment to equity.  Your organization just may be at the initial stage of starting the conversation. In which case, a workshop is not what is necessary now, but a facilitated group conversation, a focus group, or some group consulting may be a better and more economical choice ($157.50 (includes GST) vs a flat fee).


Understanding Bias: Professional and Personal Impacts


A set of interactive working sessions where the goal is for participants to understand bias with specific attention paid to implicit bias and microaggressions. There is specific attention paid to the bias faced by marginalized/ minoritized segments of our community and strategies to minimize/reduce bias and its impact. Session length and content are customized for your organization. Costs for a half-day begin at $2500 plus expenses and can be shared by groups and organizations. There are discounts for middle and secondary institutions and non-profit organizations.


The Understanding Bias workshops for businesses are tailored to your specific business and needs. You will meet with Dr. Gunderson to develop your equity workshop. We highly recommend that you have a consultation session with Dr. Gunderson BEFORE booking a workshop if you are NEW to improving equity in your organization (please see consulting tab). Consulting is much more cost-effective and will help determine if you are ready to invest in a workshop.